We Show You How To Reset your Mac’s PRAM

This is another component just like your Mac’s SMC that, when reset, can make a significant change to your Mac’s general performance.

PRAM controls other portions of your Mac’s hardware, like time and date performance and volume settings. This is more of the relationship between hardware and software for more minor applications.

How to reset your Mac’s PRAM?

  • Shut down and power off your Mac (No sleep or hibernate mode)
  • Press the Power button
  • Now, as your Mac boots up, before the grey screen comes on, you must press the following combination of keys
  • Command + Option + P + R
  • Press and hold those keys until your Mac restarts and reboots again
  • When you hear the familiar Mac start-up chime, you can let go of the keys and allow your Mac to restart like it usually does

Note – Resetting PRAM will often mean that you might have to adjust your time, date and a few other minor settings after your Mac has restarted. Please don’t be alarmed when this happens as nothing important has been deleted from your Mac. It is just that some system settings have been reset and they need a little help from you to be configured properly.

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